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version 97.0

Release date

12th June 2018


VAT on a claim line can now be zeroed with a single click.

Notes on claim lines are now included in the email notification.

Where a category is set to collect foreign VAT information the VAT amount is now shown on the claim line.

Added web service to allow reason codes to be used on the mobile app.

Bug fixes

Changing units on a mileage line now updates the units on odometer readings as well.

Fixed bug whereby changing the transaction amount on the app did not recalculate the account amount.

Fixed bug where using the app offline could allow a claim line to be added to a claim that had been submitted on the website.

Fixed bug on Manual mileage where a journey of zero miles could be entered.

Fixed bug on entertainment claims where the VAT was not recalculated when editing the amount claimed.

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